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Okay, here's a place for some updates on some fun little projects!

My Firebird Project!

After an extended time of neglect, I finally brought the Ole Bird out of the barn and brought it back to life! Though it'll probably never see all the dreams I had for it back in 1993, it's come a long way from over a decades worth of neglect.

A lot of friends, neighbors and co-workers now lovingly call it "K.I.T.T."


My Oldsmobile Project!

With over 365,000 miles and over 25 years of service, how much longer can it go? (Less then 35,000 miles until it hits 400,000.)

After "winning" all the credit card debt from my ex-wife, I'm hoping this one hits 500,000!

How long can it go?


LuAnn's and My Orchid Project!

LuAnn has several orchids that haven't been flourishing so well recently. After some discussion, we've come to the conclusion that a house not an orchid friendly environment. They REALLY want to be in a warm and damp tropical environment --- an environment that isn't house friendly! After several conversations, we finally realized that the monster 70 gallon "junk" aquarium that I had absolutely no use for, might be the perfect solution to LuAnn's orchids!

Here's the NEW tropical home for LuAnn's orchids. I'm getting excited to see how this old junk aquarium works out! I even had "junk" fluorescent fixtures I plan on connecting to a timer.

This is a "last ditch effort" to revive some life into these poor things. In my hands, it'll be "Thrive or Die!" Let's see how we do...


My Philco Predicta Project!

This is a set that was gifted to me by a friend's family back around 1982. This was that family's set from when it was new around 1959 or so. It was inoperable then, but I restored it to operating condition years ago. Cosmetically, it's in poor shape, but it's still a lot of fun! Someday I hope to get some more vintage looking control knobs for it.


My Nikon D3 Project!

Well, I've held out for a long time! I've been feeling like a dinosaur for a number of years. It seems that "everyone" has gone "digital", and I'm the last one standing, waiting for my film to be processed! (At least the line has gotten shorter and faster.) With the recent introduction of the NEW Nikon D3, I've finally taken the plunge and have SERIOUSLY gone 100% digital!

Check out this section to see how I got here and where I'm going, now that I'm "here"!



My 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Project!

Can anyone see my old 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado buried under there? I parked the old beast in the back corner of my barn in 1995.

Will it be ready for a cruise on it's 50th birthday?


Check out the website Jacqueline and I developed for her J Miller Associates business!

We worked some long hours before I finally posted MY FIRST web-site live on the Internet! The J Miller Associates site provided quite the introduction to web publishing for me. There's nothing like seeing your work live on the Internet for the first time!

Thank you for the opportunity Jacqueline!



After I managed to get a few of my html skills together and learned some basic web hosting technology, it was time to try hosting a web server on my own! I have some applications at work that I'd love to be able to access from across town or around the globe. How can I get that computer access if it's in China?


We all know how to serf the Internet as clients, but how to we publish the Internet as SERVERS? The time had come. This is my Internet site hosted on my personal computers at home in Cologne Minnesota! I've hosted pages on my PII, PIII, and the iMac just for kicks. I've even published my webcam here and given remote access to my PC's here too.

I'm not posting much here as it's just my little experimental site.



Can you guess who this project's for? Would you believe it's for LuAnn?

LuAnn has a dream of running her own business. I whipped this up in a few hours to provide a catalyst for LuAnn. So far, it's a place holder. When the time's right, it'll be here waiting for LuAnn and her new business venture!

Of course, if you'd really like to encourage LuAnn, use that contact form I authored for her and send LuAnn a note!



I've been a member of this group before their conception! Initially, the Waconia Clearwater Middle School band instructors pulled together a group we called "The Parent Band". We were quite the mix of musicians who were parents of the middle school band students. We were out to shock the student body! And we did!

The last time I was a member of the "Parent Band", we dressed up as Elvis, with wigs, sunglasses and shirts that read. "I love Elvis". We embarrassed our kids and shocked everyone else. It was a blast!

That group of community musicians spun off to become the "Lake Waconia Wind Ensemble" (LWWE) which then became the "Waconia Area Community Band" (WACB).

In April of 2008, I offered my services and conceived www.wacbonline.org . A central place to post information for WACB members, and fans alike. The site is still in it's infancy, but I'm looking forward to developing a site that represents the WACB as the high caliber and fun group that it is.

Take a visit, dig out your old horn, and join us for an hour of fun!


A group from the WACB group pulled together a few years ago and formed a small jazz band. I was fortunate enough to have been "drafted" into the trombone line-up early in the group's history. Some years passed until we settled on a name for the group and found a logo!

Once a name was chosen, an online presence was needed. That's when I pulled together www.jazzhounds.org. A place to publicize who we are, share what we have to offer and provide a mechanism for arranging performances.

Take a look around and check out our schedule. Hope to see you at our next gig!

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