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Firebird GTA

(This one has inherited the the name "K.I.T.T".)

Here's a very old project!

My 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM GTA (The first year of the GTA package) was purchased in January of 1994. A 7 year young car with a lot of potential. Then my marriage soon followed and this was one of many projects that got "parked".

Welcome to 2007! I opened the garage to retrieve a 20 year old moldy vehicle with a limited resource of parts available. Many of the components I originally desired to upgrade have long been discontinued :-(

Not to fear! Thanks to eBay, I'm finding a number of the items I wanted. Following the dissolution of my marriage, my cash flow has been positive and this is one of the many projects I hope to finally complete! Yahoo!

My "To Do" list:

Save from wife in divorce - DONE!
Register and insure - DONE!
Clean out mold from interior - DONE!
Sequential taillights - DONE!
Differential repair - DONE!
Rear axel seal repair - DONE!
Drivers seat repair - DONE!
Transmission repair - DONE!
Seized front disc brake - DONE!
Electronic rearview mirror repair - DONE!
New tires - DONE!
Performance 'cat-back' Edelbrock exhaust system - DONE!
Fasten loose lower dashboard - DONE!
High flow catalytic converter - TO BE INSTALLED!
Headlight bezel - DONE!
Driving light repair - DONE!
Replace missing gold Firebird emblem - DONE!
Electronic dashboard repair (repair connections and fuel gauge circuitry)- DONE!
Replace cracked dashboard pad http://www.classicindustries.com/firebird/parts/12396694.html - TO DO!
Performance intake system - TPiS "Mini RAM" - AVAILABLE! YES!
Convert to CUSTOM stainless steel, TRUE dual exhaust system - TO DO!
Up grade to a 350 cubic inch engine - TO DO!
Fix paint - TO DO!
Keep any woman from interfering with these projects again! - TO DO!

Firebird tail lights!
(They call me "K.I.T.T.".)

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April 15th, 2006

April 15th, 2006

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