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Welcome to “My Soapbox”.

As I get older, I find myself far more opinionated, less tolerant, and more arrogant with every passing year. Am I becoming just another “Grumpy Old Man”? From my point of view, I think I've accumulated a great wealth of wisdom from my life experiences. Now I feel an uncontrollable drive to share this wealth with the world. However, (surprise, surprise) the world isn’t quite ready to accept the gift of this old lunatic’s ramblings.

Thus, the conception of “My Soapbox”. Here is a place for this crazed lunatic to shout to the world “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” It’s not so important that there is an audience listening, but we can humor this lunatic with the illusion there might be. Besides, this will be a great single point resource for the ex-lovers, children, social workers, and doctors the material they need to close their files.

Check back regularly to see how far this lunatic has lost his grip on reality.

Feel free to e-mail me with your comments, fuel my fires and push me a little closer to the edge!

Welcome to My Soapbox!


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