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My Soapbox - God

Here's a great place to make enemies!

As the years pass and I face with many challenges, my spiritual faith is constantly tested. My close friends and family know the extreme limits my spiritual faith was pushed to during the year of 2006. My dearest friend and partner, Jacqueline, really push my spiritual faith as we were forced to face mortality head on.

Over and over, we're put into positions where we're asked to label our "religion". For those satisfied with accepting the quick, simple and unquestioned "answers" it might be an easy task. Not for me! My inability to offer a clean, prepackaged, "Madison Avenue", corporate labeled answer is not due to my LACK of commitment to my spiritual faith, but due to my EXTREME commitment to my spiritual faith.

So, if I'm pressured to label my spiritual faith, let me offer....

A "Spiritual Atheist"

(An Oxymoron? I don't think so!)

Jacqueline HATED it when I'd use the label "Atheist" to describe my spirituality! The reaction I always get is as if "Atheist" describes evil, having no "soul", being without compassion, possessing no values and being is against all that is "good". I've been there! As a "child" brought up in a "decent, Christian home", I also believed to be "good" was to be "Christian".

What I have found, is a world FULL of people who posses the previous attributes, and most of them label themselves as "Christian"! With the many years of active Christian church membership, my conclusion is that the religious organizations intentionally breed those characteristics that I once thought were those of "Atheists"! At no time do I feel more dishonest and a bigger hypocrite as when I'm in the presence of a religious organization, or in "The House of God".

I had to part ways!

And on the sixth day, Man created God...

First, I'll try to clarify this: When I refer to "God" here, I'll be referring to "Man's" INTERPRETATION of "God". I'm not suggesting that "The Creator" was created by "Man" and is not my primary topic here. As far as I'm concerned, "The Creator" is well beyond any mortal comprehension and I can't believe is subject to the manipulations of His "creations" (ex: "Man").

From my own observations and life experience, I'm of the belief that "God" was (and is) conceived to be a man's ultimate military weapon.

To be continued...

Stay tuned for more...

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